Our Story...

Powerful thoughts

Our story is simple, James and David met within the industry while working for a mutual employer, David in technical sales and James in Projects/contracts.

After several years of working together, specifying and installing renewable systems across the country in some of the most prestigous sites, the pair went their seperate ways but still within the same sector.

During the time apart they still remained close friends and helped each other in their new roles remotely but they both continued to learn new skills and gain further experience.

After several years the two found their way back to a mutual standing point and have now decided to work together for themselves, bringing together years of knowledge and experience.

These two individuals offer a totally different perspective to most consultancies, they offer a view from not only a paper perspective but also the installation perspective.

David Lewis- 

David is a very experienced consultant, he can provide a wealth of knowledge , his modelling capabilities are beyond reproach but he is not only on top of his paperwork but also highly experienced from an actual installation point of view.

He brings a not only his knowledge of the renewable industry but also hiProject Manas knowledge of the public sector.

David has specialist roles in;

  • Financial Modelling
  • Tender writing and response
  • Project Management
  • Renewable and Low Carbon heat applications
  • Building Heat Loss calculations
  • Walk through energy surveys
  • Detailed building energy surveys
  • Carbon measurement and reduction measures

James Howard- Director

James has been in the renewable industry for over 10 years, involved in installations ranging from small domestic systems to large industrial MW systems. James's speciality was in Biomass heating but he has been involved in many other forms of renewable technology including; heat pumps, solar thermal and solar PV.

As an engineer by trade, James can offer a very practical point of view on the different technologies from both his own experience of installations and theoretical.

James has specialist roles in;

  • System design and specification
  • Electrical engineering
  • System installation
  • Design selection
  • Heat network specialist
  • Project Management
  • OFGEM Applications